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Hub Kits

dankavllg posted 7 hours ago
Hey everyone,

There are Kits in the hub for everyone to take, just open one of the chests and enjoy! If you can think of anything else you want us to add to them just let us know in the comments and we'll try get them in there for you.
Hopefully by now you have all seen and had a go at our new lucky crates! If not head over to the store at to pick some up and try your luck.

Also we have automated the Shiny Lucky Dips so you don't need to find a staff member to do your Shiny Lucky Dip. Just right-click and boom done! to try them out.

Don't forget we are still running our 20% Sale across all the stores so don't miss out go and pick up some new Pokemon and Items to help you out in-game.
brannysellzy o contact an admin if you still don't have them
scrimreaper123 I ordered one and i logged on but when i logged on it said it had been credited and they (2) where no where to be found ...
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