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dankavllg posted Jun 22, 14
Tiny Turtle & Little Lizard will be live streaming tonight Sunday 22nd on the servers @ 9.30pm

So head over to their twitch page at for the stream!!
destructo and little lizardg and tinyturtleg i am a huge fan of your youtube pixlemon ep
destructo how do you get on the severs
wieunkc one piece online joygames. me

Shut Downs & Resets

dankavllg posted Jun 20, 14
Hey everyone,

So R1 & R2 are now closed. We are going to get Pixelmon Island & Pixelmon Island 2.0 back open hopefully tonight, I don't have an exact time when, but we are hoping tonight.

Pink has done up a post on the forums regarding what's going on and what we are working on, you can read it here

We ARE NOT going to wipe the Island's however we are going to do a pretty big sweep because of the few hacks that have happened recently. So Admins and Staff will be checking everyone's chests, backpacks ect.

Little Lizard & Tiny Turtle are working on some cool new Pixelmon Mini-Games so hopefully we will be able to release them soon. They are going to do a Vlog today or tomorrow to let you all know what's going on so keep an eye out for that on their YouTube page!

We are going to try our best to compensate anyone who may feel like they are losing out because of the closure of R1 & R2. This unfortunately is not down to us. The new EULA rules that are being enforced are going to be tough on everyone but we will do our best by you all.

We will keep you posted as always on what's going on.

Until Then Everyone!!
destroyer i am waisting my time
destroyer i want to play open the servers
captionben you are so so cool i am a big fan i invited you to my realms