Minecraft In-game Name: THEMOB12345

Age: 14

Timezone: mountain time US

Daily playing hours: 2-4 hours

Do you have Skype : yes I do it is mr.hungergames2

Why do you want to be a Gym Leader: I want to be a gym leader because it looks to be very fun. From my observations the gym leaders are committed to there jobs and i am to, i want to help the lizard community. Every gym leader is amazing at there job and i will do that to. From playing on this server for some time now I love the community and I want to be a huge part in it. Gym leaders here are not only helping with gyms but also with the community and I want to help a lot. This server is my favorite because the people and staff are great and I want to be a big part of it.

Have you read the new Gym Leader rules: Yes I have

If accepted what Gym would u like to lead: Electric or any other gym available

What traits do you have that make you suitable for a Gym leader: I am an admin on another server called Nitro Craft were I help our community. I love helping people that are i need and love battling people for badges. It not only puts them in a good mood and it puts me in a good mood. I love Electric its my favorite type. I am going to be as responsible as possible and help everyone I can. I want to be a gym leader because its a lot of responsibility that I am ready to take on. I want to help little lizard pixelmon everyday I can and i will do what ever staff and my fellow gym leaders tell me to do. I would spend more time on the server if needed.

Is there any extra information, that you believe would make you a good Gym leader:
I am a very responsible person and I love helping this community. I really like all the other gym leaders and they are very polite to me. I want to be like them and be even better. They are what I want to be. being a gym leader on this server sou;d be an honor. I would help in every way I can and be as helpful as I can be. I rely like this server and I would love to become a bigger part of it.
I hope you enjoyed my application thank you.

Do you understand that you can be removed from being Gym leader at any time if not = I do
- Playing at least 2 hours a day as a gym leader
- Following the gym leader rules
- Respecting your fellow player and/or co-leader